Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011, In Review

I'm a film nerd, and because I acknowledge myself as such, I like to do nerdy things that pertain to films.

It's no wonder then, and shouldn't come as a shock, that I keep track of every film I watch. I write down every film I watch as well as dates.

I do this for now real reason. It's good for the memory, however, and I can always trace back certain events based on films I've seen on those dates.

So, if you pick a random day from the year, such as June 6, I can go back and see that on that date, I... hm, I didn't see a film on June 6. Okay, let's say February 2. That's when I saw Somewhere!

If you're curious, here's the breakdown, month by month.

January – 9
February – 15
March – 5
April – 7
May – 5
June – 9
July – 11
August – 15
September – 18
October – 22
November – 19
December – 13

I saw 148 films in 2011. That's a pretty low number personally, considering I saw 204 films in 2010. In fact, in mid-September of 2010, I had seen more films than 2011 as a whole. This has been a relatively slow year for me.

I excelled in the number of new released films, however. I saw more new released films last year than any previous year, a personal record-breaking 43. I owe that accomplishment to Leonard Maltin's class, where every Thursday we watched a film that had not been released in theaters. I saw a lot of films that I normally wouldn't watch on my own.

So, what's the point of all of this? Well, there is none. I make lists and keep track of all the films I watch. Now you know.

Bonus points if the number of films I saw on a specific month match your date of birth!

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