Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Trojan

I am officially a published writer!

It's been my dream, for as long as I can remember, to have my writing published. I am officially a published writer, because I have signed on to write articles and reviews for the Daily Trojan. I never could have imagined writing for the Daily Trojan, which is one of the oldest traditions at the University of Southern California. The school newspaper dates back to its first issue on September 12, 1912, when it was first known as the Daily Southern Californian.

I am officially a contributing writer for the Lifestyle section of the Daily Trojan. I am in charge of writing articles and reviews for film, theatre, and music. I have been hard at work, but my first article for the newspaper has been published. The article is a review of Roger Ebert's program, Ebert Presents at the Movies. This specific article will only appear online, whereas my future writings may be in both print and online. The article is also on the front page of the Daily Trojan!

I would really love for all of you to read the article, Roger Ebert relaunches film review show, and leave a comment on the page.